Concept design and development of a revolutionary bedside crib for babies.
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What we achieved.

Using advanced CAD modeling, we transformed these concepts into detailed virtual representations of SnüzPod, ensuring its functionality, safety, and aesthetic appeal. Through multiple iterations and user testing, we fine-tuned the design, considering factors such as ease of use, comfort, and adaptability to different nursery environments.

To provide a realistic visualization of SnüzPod, we employed state-of-the-art rendering techniques, producing photo-realistic images that showcased its features and benefits. These visual representations played a crucial role in product tenders, investor pitches, and engaging with our target audience.

Throughout the design process, we collaborated closely with manufacturing experts, incorporating their insights to optimize the production feasibility of SnüzPod. Detailed manufacturing drawings and specifications were developed, ensuring seamless translation from design to manufacturing.

The result of this meticulous design process is SnüzPod, a remarkable bedside crib that combines safety, functionality, and stylish aesthetics. It exemplifies our commitment to creating innovative and life-changing products for babies and their families.

What they said.

‘At the time, co-sleeping wasn’t particularly well known by parents. The SnüzPod was entering into a very niche unproven sector of the nursery market – nobody knew how well it would perform! Now, the SnüzPod leads the sector worldwide, outperforming its rivals in a market it created.’

See the complete range here: Snuz

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