Dinner is served – an idea becomes reality in time for Christmas

THE client

In November, we were asked if we could design a bespoke aluminium base for a solid oak dining table top. The natural-edged slab of oak was already in the dining room but the legs didn’t match the quality of the table top. The client had sketched out an idea of what he wanted the replacement table legs to look like.


We used the client sketches as a starting point to create detailed diagrams, CGI visuals and fabrication drawings for the metal fabricator, Salesmade. The intricacies of angles and fixings meant this wasn’t going to be a straightforward project. However, we had the expertise to provide all the individual part drawings required to fully fabricate this table.


Salesmade said “With the extruded aluminium box-section purchased, we commenced fabrication. We made full use of our double-head mitre saws and notching machines to cut the angles with the finest tolerances of accuracy. Next, our CNC was used to add fixing hole positions in the legs, fixing plates and tabletop supports.

Then, it was off for welding. Once jigged up and held in place, our resident TIG welding expert was on the case. Permanently fixing the joints with full penetration welds before linishing each along seam and creating a strong, but almost invisible joint between each cut length.

At that point, we had a sturdy base to hold the beautiful natural oak table top. All that was required now was the finishing touch; powder coating. For this bespoke creation, satin black (RAL9005) was applied using our in-house powder coating line. Powder coating adds an aesthetically pleasing look and provides a quality hard-wearing finish. It will keep this work of art looking pristine for years!”


Check out the photos! The finished item is a solid, beautifully intricate base that compliments the natural-edged oak tabletop.

The client was ecstatic with the final product!

Please get in touch if you have a bespoke, one off piece you would like commissioning.

Please get in touch if you have a bespoke, one-off piece you would like commissioning.